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"It was the most competitive process ever for the FIFA World Cup," FIFA president Gianni Infantino told Fox Sports about the selection process. That's where the hope is, for an league treatment I think. Why didn't scan all those talents?

I don't now for sur that Tapsoba is à scan

. With the technology these days it surely must be coming to a fifa series for the first time ever ?

Tattoos on players should be accessable in edit mode.

While Ultimate Team and the promised World Cup content will no doubt take center stage, FIFA 23 Career Mode is still a massive draw.

.A messed up the finishing, In FIFA21 finishing inside the box was very consistent. He was rock solid for David Moyes’ side and justifies a +2 rating.

The rewards have changed slightly with Season 7 coming, due to TOTW no longer coming out, with Team of the Season and 83+ OVR TOTW players from the whole season making up the player pick pool if you finish Elite

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